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Invest in the future of God’s children in India through our Comprehensive Campaign
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A ministry inspired by God’s love to bring wholeness and
hope to children in India
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Welcome To Bethania Foundation!

Bethania Foundation India is a Christian mission working to bring hope and wholeness to orphaned, abandoned, disabled and destitute children in India.

Bethania Kids defines nurturing as providing love, food, clothing, shelter, medical and dental care, and emotional support. Equipping means providing education and vocational training, and the development of a vision of service to others. The message is simple: Jesus loves all children and cares deeply for them regardless of the circumstances of their birth. Through Jesus’ love they will change their world.

Bethania Kids was founded in 1987 as a Christian ministry to provide a home for nine orphaned children in Kannavadi, Tamil Nadu, South India. Since then, the Bethania Foundation has grown to serve nearly 1000 impoverished children, women and families in 15 separate sites: four residential homes (2 for girls and 2 for boys) in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh; nine care centres providing day care and after school care in Tamil Nadu and tribal areas of Odisha; two centres to meet the needs of differently-abled children; and, six Women’s Empowerment Programs where women learn skills to enable them to support their families. The Bethania Kids staff in each home, care centre, and program are committed to providing top-quality and individualized care for every person served while assuring them of God’s unconditional love for each of them.

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